Trustee Commissioned Independent Review


We pray that you receive this message in good health and emaan.

Human Aid UK was established in 2010, with the aim of supporting victims of war and persecuted communities. This is embodied in our mission statement: “We aid victims of war and persecution, as well as addressing the root causes of conflict. We instil hope by standing up for their right to a life with dignity and freedom from oppression. We nurture citizens through programmes that connect their hearts to the oppressed.”

Since our inception we have grown through your continued support, Alhamdulillah. From the charity starting off with work in Gaza, we have gone on to carry out lifesaving projects in Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Bangladesh by extension Burma as well as delivering projects in the UK. All of this was only possible through your generous donations and support over the years.

After a 2-year absence for health reasons, Brother Nur Choudhury returned to the charity in 2019 as the Chair. Brother Nur along with the trustees commissioned an external independent examination of Human Aid UK’s projects, governance and finances for the financial years between 2017-2019. The aim was to help trustees identify areas of weakness and development and put in place measures to strengthen the charity. This examination was conducted in line with our key value of safeguarding the Amanah (trust) given to the charity by yourselves.

The Independent Examination identified areas of concern and development that the charity had to address. Undeclared conflicts of interest were prevalent as well as inadequate operational practices due to lack of oversight by Management.

The charity has taken steps to resolve the most important concerns and has developed a plan of action to address the remaining concerns and areas of development.

The changes that have already been implemented include:

  • The composition of the Board of Human Aid UK has increased to include a diverse range of skills and experience.
  • The introduction of new accounting software for better reporting and management.
  • The amending and updating of Human Aid UK’s donation policy, which is now verified by the Islamic Council of Europe (ICE).
  • The commencement of regular staff appraisals and evaluations with clear KPI’s.
  • The implementation of a regularly reviewed Conflict of Interest register.
  • The review of all charity partners and development of better reporting standards.


We will Insha’Allah continue to strive to improve our processes and systems, to enable us to fulfil our responsibilities and we welcome your suggestions to help us improve and develop. This will allow us to have the greatest impact for the victims of war and persecution.

These are difficult times, but with Allah (swt) and your support we truly believe we can help those in difficulty, to live with dignity and freedom from oppression.

May Allah (swt) bless and protect you all for your support and make all our efforts for His (swt) sake.